Monday, March 22, 2010

Adam Koch takes first at North American Continental Course Race in Mexico

The 2010 North American Kiteboarding Course Racing Championships are finished, and it was Adam Koch riding the Ozone 2010 Edge who came out on top in the mens. The Championship was a part of the huge Regatta Copa Mexico event in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Ozone riders Adam Koch, Andrew Koch, Chip Wasson and Michael Gebhart all placed in the top twelve, well done guys!
Ozone results >>
Adam Koch - 1st
Chip Wasson - 7th
Michael Gebhart - 8th
Andrew Koch - 12th

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Billy Bordy Joins Ozone Snowkite Race Team

Billy Bordy has been deeply involved in downhill Snowboard racing for years.  In just a few short seasons he has made his way up the ranks in the Snowkiting world.  Training with kites in the summer as a lead Instructor for Kite Utah he has plenty of time to hone his skills all summer before hitting the back-country slopes when Utahs powder arrives.

After charging hard the last few years and proving his dedication to growing the sport, he has been embraced by Ozone Kites and welcomed into the family as a valued Team Rider.  Billy's feedback has already been critical in Snowkite specific designs like the Twisted Velocity Kite Snowboard, and the Ozone mafia is glad to have his support to help improve board and kite designs while pushing the current models to their limits.

Billy has stood on the US Open Snowkite Masters podium winning the Men's Winduro on Snowboard, and setting a goal to be one of the fastest wind powered snowboarders in the world.

We are stoked to have such a dynamic personality like Billy flying Ozone colors with the team, welcome friend and we hope to hear more from you soon as the snow falls in your backyard at Strawberry, Utah

Brian Schenck

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seattle launches Course Racing Series

The Seattle Yacht Club is hosting a winter Kiteboard Course Racing Series. The first race was held October 17th on Lake Washington.
The idea for the series was instigated by Adam Vance and Adam Koch, and supported by many others including Urban Surf, the local Kiteboard and Windsurf shop, and many volunteers.
The Yacht Club played an integral role in this first race providing professional boat support and running a great course.

Adam Koch showed aggressive riding style taking 1st place overall flying an Ozone Edge 13m. With 4 races run back to back with increasing wind speeds, riders were forced to stay on the kite that they started with, despite the stronger conditions. Adam took several 1st place finishes and one 2nd placement, and claimed that he was comfortable on the 13 in those conditions, but he could have done even better on an 11m Edge, as he was more powered than many riders on the course.

With the varying weather in Seattle, the next race dates are still to be announced, but will take place some time in November.

What was great to see at this first race was the amount of enthusiasm for Kite Racing. Only a dozen or so riders were expected to kick off this regatta, yet over 35 registered, with boards ranging from twin tips and surf boards to a handful of custom race boards. This North West race series is sure to raise interest in racing as well as the overall level of the competition.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cabrinha Race Series Final Results

The Ozone Team pushed hard all season, and the results show for it.

Geoff Headington battled it out for a 2nd place overall, followed by Chip Wasson in 3rd. Rob Kindt was on their heels and with tie points he placed 6th, bringing 3 Ozone riders onto the top ten podium. Mike Gebhardt was not around for the beginning of the season, but his individual race results showed he could have done well, taking a first place at the last 2 races of the summer.

Final Results are here at the St. Francis Yacht
Club site.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

September results from Cabrinha Race Series

Another round of impressive race results from the Team at last weeks Cabrinha Thursday Night Series, on September 24th. Steve Gibson is flying his 09 Sports and the others are all flying stock 09 Edge kites.

1st Mike Gebhardt
2nd Geoff Headington
4th Rob Kindt
17th Steve Gibson

That brings the current Overall Season Results to:

1st place Chip Wasson with 11 points
2nd place Geoff Headington with 17 points
5th place Rob Kindt with 36 points
21st place Steve Gibson with 123 points

With one more race to go anything can happen, and we could see some exciting changes in the top spots. Check out the St. Francis Yacht Club at STFYC for more detailed results from this season.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Buggy Speed video

Here's a link to a new video that Eli has posted on Vimeo.

Buggy Speed Video

This was filmed in April 2009 at the Ivanpah Dry Lake near Las Vegas.

Eli hit 68.9 mph during the week of strong desert winds.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nils Stolzlechner joins Ozone Team!

I am stoked to announce another strong addition to Ozone's Race Team... Nils Stolzlechner! I first met Nils while attending the US nationals a couple years back. He was a competitive racer that brought his own board shapes to the course. This year he graciously welcomed riders to his current home town of Corpus Christi, where he diligently worked helping to host the US Nationals. His board shapes are as progressive as his riding, and his company NJS designs is known amongst top racers as one of the most competitive boards around. As a racer himself, Nils is able to push and tweak board design to the maximum. We are all stoked to be training and riding with Nils, and working together to push the limits of board and kite design on the race course.

Here is a short bio on Nils.... and check out his website for the latest race boards.

Nils Stolzlechner:
Born and raised in Austria, Nils started to kite surf in 2001 in San Francisco. A year later he figured that building his own boards would be cheaper than buying them. As the course racing events started, Nils started to design specific boards that focused on upwind performance and started his small company NJS Designs in 2007. Currently Nils lives in Corpus Christi, he has two daughters, Alexandra 19 and Victoria 17.

1980-1987 US Ski Team, Ski Jumping, 6th place World Championships 1982, 5th place World Championships 1985
1997 1st place European Windsurfing Championships, Lake Garda Italy
1997 4th place IFCA Windsurfing World Championships, Tarifa, Spain

2005 3rd place overall Cabrinha Race Series
2006 3rd place overall Cabrinha Race Series
1st place Ronstan Bay Challenge Course Races
11th place US Nationals
2007 2nd place Ronstan long distance race
3rd UN Classic
15th US Nationals
2008 7th US Nationals
8th World Cup, Sylt, Germany
5th Ronstan Long distance race
27th World Championships
14th place currently in the World Ranking IKA for Course Racing

Here are some results from his recent board designs:
1st Place US Nationals Mens Overall 2008&2009
1st Place World Championships Mens Overall 2009
2nd Place World Championships Womans Overall


Brian Schenck